In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, famous Apple insider Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reported that users are in for a major update to the operating system for the Apple Watch. According to preliminary information, watchOS 10 will receive a noticeable update of the interface.

watchOS 10 will be officially presented at the WWDC conference, which starts June 5. During WWDC, announcements of the company’s new operating systems are also expected to coincide with the launch of Apple’s first mixed reality headset.

It is worth noting that the design of watchOS has not changed much in recent years. Recent releases of the operating system have added improvements to features such as activity tracking and several new watch faces.

According to Gurman, this year will be different for Apple, as a larger software update will be contrasted with a relatively minor hardware update.

“I believe the new watchOS should be a fairly extensive upgrade — with notable changes to the user interface — unlike iOS 17. It’s important for watchOS to have a big year given that the Apple Watch hardware updates will be anything but major,” writes Gurman.

Gurman previously said that iOS 17 will have some nice-to-use features, although he didn’t specify which ones. A more significant update to the Apple Watch hardware is expected next year, which will add a micro-LED display to the company’s smartwatch.