In the USA, they are calling for the creation of a new type of military – Cyber ​​​​Force

American military cyber security experts call on lawmakers to create a full-fledged seventh branch of the military – U.S. Cyber Force, writes The Record.

Currently, the United States has a United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM). It is part of the US Armed Forces, which was created in 2010 and reports to the US Strategic Command. Under President Trump it was announced that USCYBERCOM will be elevated to the status of one of the Unified Combatant Command, that is, to the level of one of the functional commands, such as, for example, the US Special Operations Command or the Transportation Command ( the latter, by the way, takes care of the delivery of weapons to Ukraine).

According to the Military Cyber Professionals Association, this is not enough and Cyber Command’s dependence on other branches of the US military, which delegate their resources and specialists to USCYBERCOM, creates a non-systematic approach to cyber threats and “unnecessary risk” for national security of the USA. So the association, which has 3,700 members, is calling on Congress to create a separate, seventh branch of the military – the U.S. Cyber Force.

Cyber security specialists refer to the growth of cyber threats from Russia, North Korea and China to counter, as well as the recent creation of the US Space Force, the first new type of US military since 1947.

The US Space Force was created in 2019 under the patronage of President Trump, who widely used this fact during the election campaign. As The Record writes, on the contrary, the Biden administration currently lacks the political will to create a separate seventh branch of the military. But the Military Cyber Professional Association hopes to raise the issue once again and spark a debate among lawmakers.