Apple Music Classical is now available for download in the App Store. A few weeks ago we talked about this platform. It is based on the classical music streaming service Primephonic, which Apple acquired in 2021.

Many users wondered why Apple decided to make a separate application for classical music, instead of integrating it into the Apple Music application. The company answered this question on the support page:

Classical music is different from mainstream music. It has longer and more detailed titles, multiple artists for each work, and hundreds of recordings of well-known pieces. The Apple Music Classical app is designed to support the complex data structure of classical music.

Apple also added an explanation to the Apple Music Classical page:

Classical music often involves multiple musicians recording works that have been recorded many times before and are referred to by different names. For example, from the formal Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 14 to the popular byname of Moonlight Sonata, or in multiple languages, such as Mondschein Sonata in German. Such complexities mean that classical music fans have been ill-served by streaming platforms. Until now. A distinct app, included with an Apple Music subscription, gives these classical music lovers the editorial and catalog content they’ve been missing.

Only a brand-new app — with specialized features and a beautiful interface designed for the genre — could remove the complexity and make classical music easily searchable, browsable, and accessible for beginners and experts alike.

In order to get access to Apple Music Classical, you must have an iPhone with iOS 15.4 (or later) and an Apple Music subscription. The Android version is planned for release later.