In Ukraine, a petition was launched to ban TikTok “at least for the period of the war”

Since March 24, a petition on the ban of TikTok was banned in Ukraine. At the time of publication of the news, it had already managed to collect more than 5.7 thousand votes out of the 25 thousand needed within 90 days to be considered by the President.

The very short text of the petition notes that “now a lot of propaganda goes through TikTok videos,” so the author suggests “closing it completely, at least for the period of the war in Ukraine.” There are no more justifications for banning the social network. However, the topic of TikTok’s blocking is currently a global concern due to the fact that its parent company ByteDance has Chinese owners and can provide access to data to Chinese government organizations.

In just a few months more than 5 countries have implemented full or partial bans on TikTok on government devices, pushing the popular app to completely cut ties with its parent company in China.

In addition, at a hearing in the House of Representatives on Thursday, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew couldn’t allay concerns of US government officials either about the security of US users’ data or about the Chinese government’s lack of ability to spy on US citizens.