The Mitsubishi XRT concept – a hint at the future Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck

Recently, Mitsubishi presented a new concept of its own, the Mitsubishi XRT, which openly hints at the next-generation Mitsubishi L200 pickup.

The company limited itself to only general information, but the body lines are perfectly visible in the photos – which means that the serial model is almost ready. What do we see? For example, two-story optics and an expressive rectangular grille. We also see an almost straight line of the window sill and emphasized rear “shoulders” above the wheel arches. And we also see numerous RalliArt accessories.

What is known besides design? It is expected to use a new platform, but in any case, it will be a frame and a solid rear beam. In addition, a new 4N16 turbodiesel is expected – this is a more modern version of the already known 4N15 engine, which is currently used in many Mitsubishi cars. Finally, Nissan and Renault clones are expected – but the Mitsubishi L200 will be the main base model.

We should also add that the Mitsubishi XRT concept will turn into a serial model very soon – approximately in the middle of the current year. Production of the new pickup will be organized in Thailand, where current Mitsubishi pickups are manufactured.