Rumors that started a few weeks ago, were finally confirmed: Valve officially announced Counter-Strike 2 — “heir”, it would seem, to classic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Yesterday limited testing of the game started, which Valve characterizes as “overhaul to every system, every piece of content, and every part of the C-S experience.” The official website claims that Counter-Strike 2 is “the largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike’s history” and promises that the game will receive regular updates and new features for years.

According to the official FAQ, Counter-Strike 2 should be released this summer. The game is based on the Source 2 engine and will receive updated game mechanics, such as improved smoke grenades.

The game will also feature updated maps, improved visuals and interface, reworked sound, and more. Valve promises that there will be no drastic changes to the maps, and experienced players will have no problems with navigation – and some maps, for example, Dust II, will remain unchanged and will only receive graphics updates.

To participate in Counter-Strike 2’s “limited testing,” Valve invites CS:GO players based on factors such as “recent play time on official Valve servers, trust factor, and Steam account status.” Selected participants will receive a notification in the CS:GO main menu that will allow them to register for the test. The classic Dust II map is currently playable in Deathmatch and “unranked competitive” modes, although Valve assures that other modes and maps will appear in future tests.

Valve claims that all of the items that players have collected in CS:GO will be available in the new game — with a visual update, of course. The company also warns that players whose accounts have been locked in CS:GO will also not be able to play Counter-Strike 2.