For faster charging of the iPhone 15, you will need a certified cable — Kuo

According to various insiders, this year’s iPhone 15 updates will include a new USB-C charging port. A lot of technology fans are waiting for this moment. But Apple wouldn’t be Apple if it didn’t find its own way of complicating users’ lives in this situation as well. Currently, it is about the charging speed.

Current iPhone models are sold without PSUs. Owners of these smartphones can use old weak PSUs, or buy more powerful and faster ones. Apple itself will offer a 20- or 30-watt unit for such a case. At the same time, iPhone 14 supports charging power up to 20 W, and iPhone 14 Pro – up to 27 W.

With future models, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, an appropriate certified (MFi — Made for iPhone) cable may be required, which will be used for fast charging. With all others, the smartphone will charge more slowly. Another insider ShrimpsApplePro also reported this before.

In addition, as Kuo says, there may be a difference in ports between the regular iPhone 15 model and the Pro version. Simpler models will receive USB-C 2.0, and Pro – USB-C 3.2. This will affect the data transfer rate accordingly. A similar situation exists in various iPad models.