Meta has started offering verification ticks for Facebook and Instagram for $12 in the US

Meta has launched a paid verification system in the US. This was reported by Mark Zuckerberg in his Instagram channel. Users who subscribe to Meta Verified will receive a blue Facebook verification checkmark and Instagram, “proactive impersonation protection” and direct access to customer support.

The subscription costs $12/month if done through the web version, or $15/month if done through the Android or iOS app (due to additional deductions for platforms for in-app purchases). In addition, you’ll receive a certain number of stars each month (which can be used to thank creators on Facebook), as well as additional stickers for Stories and Reels.

As a reminder, Meta Verified debuted last month in Australia and New Zealand. Unlike Twitter Blue, Meta requires a government document to prove identity. The user must be 18 years of age or older and have two-factor authentication enabled. Meta Verified subscribers cannot change their profile name, photo, username, or date of birth unless they want to go through the verification process again. All Instagram and Facebook profiles that previously had blue ticks will keep them.