Ghibli theme park visitors banned from taking “indecent photos”

Ghibli Theme Park, located in Nagakute, Aichi Prefecture, opened at the end of 2022 – it is dedicated to the popular anime of the legendary Studio Ghibli and is designed for visits by the whole family. However, within the first few months of its work, it began to “attract” not exactly the audience that its founders had hoped for.

As reported by CNN, Hideaki Ōmura, governor of Aichi Prefecture held a press conference last week to address the problem of “indecent photos” taken by adult visitors to Ghibli Park attractions and then posted on social media.

This caused quite a strong reaction in society: it seems that not everyone likes when their favorite characters are grabbed by the chest or photographed under their skirts – and then put such photos on the Internet where children can see them. Therefore, Governor Hideaki Ōmura publicly condemned such behavior, which is incompatible with the family atmosphere of Ghibli Park, said that the local authorities have already warned the park staff that “they must firmly stop such actions”, and stated that “we need to take harsher measures against this kind of behavior. This is basically the destruction of property.”

To those unfamiliar with local features, it may seem that such a reaction is a little too much, but the fact is that in Japan in general there are much stricter rules than foreigners are used to regarding taking pictures in places not intended for this – including public ones.