During the two days of Global Game Jam 2023, Ukrainians created 83 games

This is not news at all, because it is about the events that took place more than a month ago, on February 4-5, 2023, but quite active, despite the war, the involvement of Ukrainian developers in Global Game Jam, only confirms the manifestations of the new renaissance of the game development market in Ukraine, which we are currently observing.

Global Game Jam has been held annually since 2009 and is the largest international competition for rapid creation of video games. 39,483 developers from 108 countries took part in Global Game Jam 2023, who gathered in 788 locations around the world and created 7,630 games within 48 hours on February 4-5, 2023!

Global Game Jam 2023 was held for Ukrainians in a slightly different format than before. All 11 locations where the event was held in Ukraine were located either immediately in the bomb shelters or not far from the bomb shelters, in addition, all these locations were not marked on the general map for security reasons. During the announcement of the theme of the jam, and this year it is “Root”, an air raid siren sounded in Kropyvnytskyi, so the process was interrupted until it stopped.

Ukrainians have been participating in Global Game Jam since 2016. This year, 385 developers joined the Global Game Jam on the territory of Ukraine, in addition, Ukrainians joined the corresponding events in Poland, Denmark, Great Britain and other countries. During two days Ukrainian participants created 83 games.

Some of these projects, such as Roots of Betrayal, Awakening the power of the roots or Blame The Beavers can be developed into full games. Especially since there are already such examples. No one lives under the lighthouse games and Farlanders were born as jam projects.

Well, we hope that by the start of Global Game Jam 2024, Ukraine will defeat Muscovy, peace will prevail on our land, and even more Ukrainian developers will create even more interesting jam projects. Everything will be Ukraine!