Google Pixel 7a images have surfaced. The smartphone will receive a new design of the camera unit and more RAM

Updates to the cheapest version of Pixel smartphones with the A index usually appear in the gap between flagship models. This year, there was no new product yet, and there are still a couple of months before its release. But the Pixel 7a image has already been leaked, along with some details about the updates.

Last year, there were already rumors that the Pixel 7a should receive a lot of upgrades compared to its predecessors, where, along with the new Tensor G2 chip (as in the “older” versions), the smartphone should have new cameras and receive support for 5-watt induction charging.

Now images of the next model and some details about the update have been posted on the pages of Zing News. The Pixel 7a should get an updated design of the camera unit, which is made in the style of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. At the same time, the front side has practically not undergone any changes. Along with this, the smartphone also has USB-C, a SIM card slot, and prominent water and dust protection on its holder.

This model is not fully functional (it is most likely blocked by the manufacturer), but it gives an opportunity to see that the capacity of the drive remains 128 GB, but the RAM has increased — now it is 8 GB, not 6. Most likely, you can’t count on a different configuration, because such models are usually sold without additional options.

Before the smartphone was locked, the owner of the device drew attention to the image refresh rate of 90 Hz and 12-megapixel cameras. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation of this. 

The company announced the previous cheaper models at its Google I/O conference. This year, it is scheduled for May 10, where the Pixel 7a will most likely be presented. And until then, we will still have time to learn more details about the new product.