Microsoft Edge can now use NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards for video upscaling

Owners of graphics cards from NVIDIA have been able to use the video upscaling function in Chrome and Edge browsers for some time. But what should users do with video adapters from AMD? Microsoft seems to have resolved this issue.

The company is testing the Video Super Resolution feature in the Edge Canary test build. VSR upscales and removes artifacts from web videos below 720p resolution. The function works with both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. Minimum hardware requirements: GeForce RTX 20 series or Radeon RX5700.

The function works only in Windows so far. In the case of a laptop, it must be connected to the mains. The video must not use a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system such as PlayReady or Widevine. For now, you’ll also need to enable Force Discrete Graphics if your laptop has a hybrid system. According to Microsoft, automatic video adapter selection is in development.

The Video Super Resolution feature is currently only available to a few Edge Canary users, but more will be added in the coming weeks. The company also plans to expand the list of supported graphics cards.