A new package of military aid from the United States: ammunition and UAVs worth $2 billion

On the anniversary of the start of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, the Pentagon announced a new aid package to Ukraine in the amount of $2 billion from the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) fund.

For the most part, these are critically needed ammunition and UAVs for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to detect enemy EW systems and combat enemy UAVs. The exact number of weapons is not specified for any of the positions. Unfortunately, there are no planes, no additional tanks and IFVs in the package.

The next aid package includes:

  • additional ammunition for HIMARS;
  • additional 155 mm artillery rounds;
  • munitions for laser-guided rocket systems (probably AGR-20 APKWS);
  • CyberLux K8 UAS;
  • Switchblade 600 UAS (kamikaze drone);
  • Altius-600 UAS (light reconnaissance drone with launch from any platform, even from airplanes and helicopters);
  • Jump 20 UAS (medium VTOL ISR drone);
  • counter-UAS and radio-electronic warfare detection means;
  • mine clearing equipment;
  • secure communications support equipment;
  • funding for training, maintenance, and support.

Unlike a withdrawal by presidential authority, USAI fund assistance is for the purchase of new weapons, not the supply of equipment withdrawn from the US Department of Defense stockpile. That is, it is a long-term aid, and not something that will arrive in Ukraine shortly after the announcement.