Tiny11 is a lightweight build of Windows 11 Pro 22H2, which has everything you need to comfortably use your computer without the extra load and clutter of a standard Windows installation. This is how the NTDEV group presents its new build. Tom’s Hardware writes about the release of this software.

The modified version of the OS requires only 8 GB of disk space (standard Windows 11 is over 20 GB), runs on systems with even 2 GB of RAM, and does not require the Trusted Platform Module or Secure Boot. It is even possible to upgrade Windows 10 to Tiny11.

Tiny11 provides users with only the most essential components, such as Accessibility Tools, Windows Terminal, Microsoft Store, Calculator, Notepad, and Paint. There is no Microsoft Edge here. Also, Tiny11 works with offline accounts by default, but you can always sign in to your Microsoft Account online.

You can get Tiny11 here. But remember, you still need a legit Windows 11 key to activate the OS, so it’s not piracy. On the other hand, installing a modified Windows 11 always carries potential risks, so be careful. Mezha editorial staff are not responsible for the potential damage you may cause to your PC.

If for some reason you don’t like Windows 11, there is also Tiny10 based on Windows 10 OS.