Spotify’s founder helped develop an AI-powered body health scanner

Spotify founder Daniel Ek wants to change the healthcare industry. In a post on LinkedIn, Ek is named as a co-founder of a startup called Neko Health, which specializes in providing body scanning services using artificial intelligence, as previously reported by European news resources Sifter and

“After four years of intense research and product development, we are officially launching Neko Health today,” the announcement reads. “The company was founded by Hjalmar Nilsonne and Daniel Ek with the vision to create a healthcare system that can help people stay healthy through preventive measures and early detection.”

Non-invasive full body scanner can detect and measure the growth of birthmarks and age spots and rashes. It also uses a separate scanner to detect any abnormalities in the heart, blood pressure and pulse throughout the body.

Neko Health full body scanner

The company’s 360-degree body scanner is equipped with more than 70 sensors that collect more than 50 million data points on the skin, heart, blood vessels, breathing, microcirculation, and more. This data is then analyzed by a self-learning AI-based system that provides results to doctors and patients. Patients receive results during their doctor’s visits and can view and track their results in the app.

Daniel Ek’s arrival in the healthcare industry is not a surprise. Rumors about the startup have been circulating since November, and Ek has long hinted that he wants to work in health care. In 2013, The Financial Times reported, that Ek spends his spare hours thinking about how to fix the “broken” healthcare system.

“I’m not the inventor, but I’m maybe the person stupid enough to go against the system and try to beat it on its own term,” he said at the time.

Obviously, it’s too early to tell what impact Neko Health might have on the healthcare industry, but it sounds promising.