Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the task of buying personal medical supplies and other valuable goods in Ukraine have become near impossible. Volunteers hunt and supply those in need with supersonic speed. However, the demand continues to increase.

ShortageUA was created by several old friends from Ukraine and Silicone Valley. They have all been directly affected by this war, and from its first days, they’ve been buying supplies in western countries and delivering them to the Ukrainian border. The portal was built to scale this informal logistic network and help people easily send humanitarian aid from all over the world to those in need in Ukraine.

How to help save lives in Ukraine:

  1. The platform calculates the required number of supplies declared by volunteers and partner organizations.
  2. The moderators evaluate possibilities for delivery, prepare supply lists for every location, and coordinate delivery instructions to the nearest sorting facility.
  3. Visitors to the site check the supply list and choose which they already have or would like to buy and send for Ukrainians in need. In the US, it is even possible to do through Amazon with a few quick clicks.
  4. The humanitarian supplies should be sent according to the instructions and registered on the site.
  5. The sorting facilities of Nova poshta and Meest Express (the biggest delivery companies in Ukraine) receive the package and forward it to Ukraine.

Requests for supplies are collected from the following trusted Ukrainian funds: Come Back Alive, Help Ukraine Center, Sergiy Prytula, Spivdiia.

ShortageUA has also partnered with the non-profit organization Nova Ukraine in Palo Alto to collect medical donations and send them directly to Ukrainian hospitals (all the details are via the link).

ShortageUA was launched in late March. As of January, over $285,000 of needed supplies were donated to Ukraine via ShortageUA – valuable medical supplies, tactical equipment, digital radio stations, thermal cameras, Wi-Fi tablets, drones, etc.