OneUI 5.1 significantly improves the animations of the Samsung smartphones interface

Among other things, there is a point that is often used by Apple supporters in Internet disputes on the topic of “iOS vs. Android” – the smoothness of interface animations. Indeed, in many cases, Apple was better able to implement the quality of animations, because the UI needs to be optimized on fewer devices, and the OS itself is developed in parallel with the “hardware”, which greatly simplifies such tasks.

But even here the dominance could not last forever. One of the main competitors of Apple – Samsung – with the latest update OneUI 5.1 was able to improve this indicator.

It is hard not to notice how similar the systems have become. Therefore, the smoothness of the interface and its possible differences in this indicator can really be one of the factors that will influence the customer’s decision when choosing a new smartphone. Still, when buying an expensive device, you want to get the most out of it.

On the YouTube channel Mr Android FHD, a short comparison of animation performance on the iPhone 14 Pro Max with iOS 16.3 and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with OneUI 5.1 was released. Here you can clearly see that the latest update of OneUI is really not inferior to iOS in the speed of operation of the smartphone interface.