60 M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles have already been loaded onto the ship and are going to Ukraine. This is a more modern M2A2 ODS-SA version

This was reported by the official Twitter account of the Embassy of the United States of America in Kyiv, citing a tweet of USTRANSCOM, that is, the United States Transportation Command. By the way, the commander of USTRANSCOM is Jacqueline Van Ovost, the only female four-star general in the US Army, previously a transport pilot with 4,200 flight hours.

“U.S. Transportation Command is delivering more than 60 Bradleys to Ukraine as part of the United States’ $2.85 billion military aid agreement announced earlier this year. Watch soldiers and contractors load the Integrity at the Port of Charleston, NC,” says the tweet.

In addition, as reported by Militarnyi, it became known that Ukraine will receive a better version of the M2 Bradley than expected.

Instead of the M2A2 ODS discussed earlier, AFU will receive a more modern version of the M2A2 ODS-SA – this version is almost identical to the latest M2A3. Even newer M2A4s did not begin entering service until April 2022, so there are not enough of them even in the US.

The M2A2 ODS-SA has a driver’s camera in the front, but is not equipped with the latest commander’s sight like the M2A3. This modification is already “digital” in terms of IFV control and fire control, in addition, it can be integrated into the unified information network of the armored group.

M2A2 ODS-SA Bradley specifications
Mass – 34.25 tons
Length – 6.5 m
Width – 3.2 m
Height – 3.3 m
Crew – 3 (commander, gunner, driver)
Passengers – 7
Armor – spaced laminate armor offering 14.5 mm all around protection, hull base is 7017 aluminum
Armament – 25 mm M242 chain gun (900 rounds)
2 × TOW anti-tank missile launchers (7 missiles);
7.62 mm coaxial M240C machine gun (2,200 rounds)
Engine – Cummins VTA-903T 8-cylinder diesel
Power – 600 hp. (450 kW)
Operational range – 402 km
Maximum speed – 61 km/h