The Crew Motorfest: return to Hawaii

Ubisoft has released a tester trailer for The Crew Motorfest racing arcade, a new part of The Crew.

It is already known that the events of The Crew Motorfest, which will feature neither aircraft nor water transport, occur on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu … As in the first part of Test Drive Unlimited from Eden Games, which came out in 2006. And although the Crew is the first “trip” to Hawaii, for Ivory Tower studio, which was created by former Eden Games staff, this is the return to the origins.

The use of the word Fest, that is, the “festival” in the title, and the removal of everything extra (planes, boat, etc.) hints that Ubisoft is going to compete with Forza Horizon … Well, good luck!

Developers are taking on beta testers and the beta testing has begun today.

Release of the game on PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S is scheduled for 2023. After all the problems of the last years Ubisoft definitely needs successful releases.

We wish them success. But it would be better to return the planes …