Surviving the Abyss, an underwater city-building strategy from Paradox Arc

Paradox Arc, a new brand of Paradox Interactive aimed at small indie studios, has announced the release in Early Access of the underwater city-building strategy Surviving the Abyss from Southern Ireland’s Rocket Flair Studios.

Surviving the Abyss is the third game in the unofficial Surviving series… which includes Surviving Mars (2018) by Haemimont Games, Surviving the Aftermath (2019) by Iceflake Studios and now Surviving the Abyss by Rocket Flair Studios.

The events of Surviving the Abyss take place at the bottom of the sea, where you have to build a scientific base dedicated to the development of cloning technology. The events of the game do not take place in the future, but in the past, in 1976, during the Cold War. So, among the dangers lurking in the dark, there will probably be Russian spies and scoundrels.

Sounds interesting. As for Early Access, all the games in the Surviving… series were released in this format.