Ukrainian cartoon Mavka. Forest Song is finally getting released!

Ukrainian full-length animated movie Mavka. The Forest Song based on Lesia Ukrainka’s extravaganza drama Forest Song is finally coming to the screens! The premiere in Ukraine will take place on March 2, 2023.

The animated movie, which started being developed in 2015, underwent several changes in concept and design, and its release was postponed at least three times. As of now, the cartoon is already quite distantly related to the work of Lesya Ukrainka, it is rather a typical Hollywood cartoon about a princess and a magical forest with some flair of Ukrainian folklore, adapted for a Western audience.

From the point of view of rental abroad and future fees, this is a completely logical business decision. From the point of view of the formation of the Ukrainian identity – not so much. As of July 2021, the total budget of the Mavka. Forest Song cartoon was estimated at 187,241,525 UAH, almost 2 years before the release, it was supposed to increase further.

Immediately after the Ukrainian premiere, the distribution of the cartoon will begin in France, then the premieres will take place throughout Europe. In addition, Mavka. Forest Song will be released in the Middle East and North Africa.

Three Ukrainian artists joined in the creation of Mavka’s image. Actress Natalka Denysenko voiced the heroine, singer Khrystyna Solovyi sang two songs for the movie, and prima ballerina of the National Opera and People’s Artist of Ukraine Kateryna Kukhar became a model for Mavka’s movements and plasticity.

The cartoon was created by the Animagrad studio (FILM.UA Group) with the support of the State Film Agency of Ukraine and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID Ukraine). Cinema distribution is carried out by FILM.UA Distribution and the Kinomania company.