Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman recalls that he first reported on Apple’s AR/VR headset back in 2017. At that time, the company planned to release the gadget in 2019, but the appearance of the device was delayed for various reasons. Recently, this headset has been mentioned more and more often, and this year we should still see it.

Mr. Gurman says that according to the company’s plan for this year, the presentation of the device was supposed to take place in January, but at the last moment it was postponed to spring. However, the work is in full swing, because prototypes of the headset have been received by individual developers who are already starting to work on new applications.

Mark also says that internally the operating system of the device is called Borealis, although for the general public it will be called xrOS.

Apple’s current plan involves the presentation of the gadget (under the name Reality Pro) with further cooperation with developers, and only then the start of sales in the fall of 2023. In order to meet the new deadlines, the company had to attract the resources of several hardware and software departments, which already had a lot of work to do. Therefore, according to Gurman, there will be fewer major breakthroughs this year.

We will remind that a month ago the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo gave similar prediction regarding the timings of the company’s work on a virtual/augmented reality headset. We can only hope that there will be no further problems and delays.