BMW i Vision Dee concept – a hint at the electric 3 series sedan

The BMW company showed its new concept car, which tells us about the electric future. Even more: the company representatives mark the BMW i Vision Dee concept as “NEUE KLASSE” – this is how the prototype cars that eventually turned into the BMW 3 series were first marked and opened a new era of life for the company. So what is revolutionary about the BMW i Vision Dee?

First, it is an electric car. But the BMW company does not talk about its technical specifications at all. Secondly, a special E Ink technology is used here, which allows you to change the color: in total, the body is divided into 240 segments, 32 colors are available – and these can be completely different design variations.

But it seems that the most important thing about the BMW i Vision Dee concept is its electronics. Even the name “Dee” stands for Digital Emotional Experience.

New digital experiences are promised by a projection display as large as the entire windshield: it has five settings that can be switched by a touch-sensitive “slider” on the front panel. Moreover, such a display is promised to be given to the production version of the electric car. The BMW i Vision Dee concept also offers a virtual “assistant” that can learn according to the habits of the owner of the electric car. After all, the new format for controlling auxiliary functions will allow to reduce the number of switches on the front panel – the main control will be focused on the wide touch-sensitive spokes of the steering wheel.

A bold concept in terms of new ideas. But what of this will we see in reality? We will find out in 2025, when a mass-produced electric car based on the BMW i Vision Dee concept will debut.