Users have started receiving the updated version of Android Auto

Android Auto’s redesign has been making its way around the web for a few months now. Now the stable version has started to reach users.

Among the updates, you can see a more modern design in the style of Android 13 (Material You), a card version of the screen separation, and an adaptation to different forms of car multimedia displays.

Now by placing several applications on the display, you can also get a more logical placement of status indicators and other icons. The main thing is that it will allow you to have the map and other information you need at the moment before your eyes. At the same time, depending on the location of the display, the number of recently opened applications shown may change.

There will be special convenience due to context cards, which include information about messages and calls with the possibility of intelligent answers, a list of the last places for navigation, sharing information about the time of arrival, etc. Additionally, Whatsapp support for Pixel and Samsung smartphones will appear.

Separately, Samsung and Xiaomi smartphones will be able to share a digital car key.