Christmas gifts: 50 M2 Bradley IFVs, 40 (?) Marder IFVs, an additional battery of MIM-104 Patriot air defense system and RIM-7 Sea Sparrow anti-aircraft missiles

As we predicted, AMX-10 RC light tanks from France became only the first swallow of a fundamentally new level of supply of military equipment from Western partners, which we will see in 2023. Only 5 days of the new year have passed, and announcements of new military aid packages have poured in like from a horn of plenty.

First, it became known that the next aid package from the USA, by the way, for a record amount of $2.8 billion, will include 50 M2 Bradley IFVs. Rumors about the possibility of providing them appeared at the end of last year. Apparently, an official statement should be expected today, January 6, 2023.

Secondly, immediately after there was information that the USA pushed Germany to increase arms supplies to Ukraine. After a telephone conversation between US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, it became known that Germany will provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Marder IFVs (some media mention 40 vehicles) and an additional MIM-104 Patriot air defense battery.

By the way, even before this notification, it was known that Germany became the second country after the USA in terms of military aid to Ukraine.

And finally, there was a report that the aid package from the US will also include RIM-7 Sea Sparrow anti-aircraft missiles. Apparently, our defense forces were able to figure out how to launch these missiles from the launchers of the Buk air defense system.

The RIM-7 Sea Sparrow is a missile of the ship-borne anti-aircraft point-defense system, developed in the early 1970s, which is in service with the navies of almost all NATO countries. Like many modern anti-aircraft missiles, it is based on the AIM-7 Sparrow air-to-air missile. Over the years of operation, the Sea Sparrow has received many updates and now resembles the former AIM-7 only with its shape. RIM-7 Sea Sparrow is a short-range missile, up to 19 km, designed primarily to intercept cruise missiles. Taiwan uses ground platforms for Sea Sparrows as part of the Skyguard SHORAD system.

But the main thing is that the Western partners finally began to understand how the Russians “work”, so they do not believe their false statements about a truce. And also, it seems in the West, in the end, they also learned to use the “salami tactics”.

Anyway, thank you very, very much, USA and Germany.

RIM-7 Sea Sparrow technical specifications
Mass – 230 kg
Length – 3.7 m
Diameter – 20 cm
Wingspan – 1.02 m
Warhead – annular blast fragmentation
Warhead weight – 41 kg
Engine – Hercules MK-58 solid-propellant rocket motor
Operational range – 19 km
Maximum speed – 4256 km/h
Control – semi-active radar homing head
Cost of the unit – $165,400