The winners of Steam Awards 2022 have been announced

Valve has announced the winners of The Steam Awards 2022. As a reminder, this prize is awarded based on the results of Steam users’ voting, which continues throughout the Christmas sale. In addition, in some categories, games released several years ago are eligible for the award. So who won the Steam Audience Award this time?!

Game of the year – Elden Ring
VR game of the year – Hitman 3
Labor of love (Prize for non-new games that continue to be played) – Cyberpunk 2077
Better with friends (Multiplayer Games) – Raft
Outstanding visual style – Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Most innovative gameplay – Stray
Best game you suck at – Elden Ring
Best soundtrack – Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
Outstanding story-rich game – God of War
Sit back and relax – LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
Best game on the go – Death Stranding Director’s Cut

It’s a little surprising, of course, but 4 of the 11 winners are former Sony exclusives that were ported to PC several years late. That is, the thesis that real PC gamers hate the “console soap operas”, let’s say, is a little untrue. Where else to find the truest PC apologists but on Steam? It is interesting to hear your thoughts in the comments.

P.S. By the way, on the page The Steam Awards 2022 you can see if your vote matches the preferences of the majority of players (you must be logged in to Steam). My score is 2 out of 11.