Kick the Pu – a new game for Android and iOS allows you to beat up putin and lukashenko

Ukrainian developers have created an adventure anti-stress game Kick the Pu for Android and iOS, which allows you to release negative emotions in a game form by beating, or, for example, by shooting a javelin or throwing a grenade at putin, lukashenko, kadyrovites or “chmobik”. Eventually, the developers promise to add Russian propagandists to the game.

Players can also use several types of weapons – a knife, a machine gun, a grenade and a grenade launcher. You can download the game in App Store and Google Play in any country in the world except russia and belarus.

As the developers point out, while playing Kick the Pu, every player is also doing a good deed by helping the military. The free version of the game contains advertising, most of the revenue from which will be sent to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And for 99 cents you can buy a premium version, all money from which will also be sent for the treatment of our military. The developers promise to publish reports on sending funds in their Telegram channel.