This is reported by InsideEVs, demonstrating certain patent images. According to the media, it concerns a compact sedan: like an analogue of the Mazda 3, but with an electric motor. By the way, in the patent images, only one engine is visible in the front – to drive the front wheels. However, it is usually very easy to add four-wheel drive to an electric car by installing an additional motor in the back.

Also noticeable is the flat floor with niches for the placement of the battery cells: currently we can see eight separate boxes. In addition, the suspension scheme is noticeable. It appears to have independent MacPherson struts up front and independent wishbones at the rear. Interestingly, the current Mazda 3 model uses a simpler semi-independent rear suspension.

Currently, the date of appearance of the serial version of the electric car is unknown. It is also unknown whether the appearance of this electric car will lead to the cancellation of the Mazda 3 model, or whether the “three” itself will turn into something like the Mazda 3 EV. But it is clear that the Mazda company wants to jump into the EV car in time.