The Danish police created the Police Online Patrol, which plays games with young people

The Danish police have created a special online unit called Politiets Online Patrulje (Police Online Patrol) to strengthen the digital presence, so that citizens can engage in a dialogue with a digital policeman on the Internet, just like on the street.

This unit will “patrol” social networks, where police officers will be able to engage in dialogue with children and young people in particular, to prevent inappropriate behavior and crime, and to intervene in the event of offences.

Citizens can contact the Police Online Patrol through Facebook Messenger if they want to complain about suspicious behavior on the Internet or if they need advice on safe Internet navigation.

Moreover, patrol officers have accounts in the online games Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite and Minecraft, sometimes play with young people and even moderate games on Twitch.

In addition, Police Online Patrulje has its own Discord server (Politiets Online Patrulje#8787 – Discord-ID: 960490404753596427), patrol accounts in Steam, Minecraft and Fortnite (users Betjent01, Betjent02, Betjent03, Betjent04 on all these platforms), a page on TikTok and Instagram.

The police online patrol has been in effect since April 2022 and is part of a multi-year agreement with the government to create a digital patrol unit.