Samsung says in a new ad that iPhone owners will be jealous of Galaxy Flip 4 users

Samsung has released another ad in its “on the fence” “anti-Apple” series, urging iPhone users to switch to Galaxy devices.

In the clip, a man sits on a fence while a woman using a Galaxy Flip 4 starts a conversation. “I used to be you,” she says. “Sitting on the fence between Apple and Samsung.” A man laments that he wants to switch to a Samsung device, but worries about what his iPhone-using friends will think. She then explains that it has to be, because his friends will be jealous.

After that, she hands him one of the Flip 4 smartphones, and people immediately start appearing around him, commenting on how cool the Samsung phone is. “I could get used to it,” he says, jumping over the fence to Samsung’s side.

Unlike Apple, Samsung quite often uses confrontation with Apple in its advertising. In addition to the “fence” ad, the company posted a World Cup-themed image on the Chinese social network Weibo, mocking the iPhone’s lack of a foldable screen. In the picture, Flip 4 smartphones are “making waves” in the stadium, while Apple smartphones remain standing with sad emoticons.

Samsung released the first of its “on the fence” commercials in November, and many of its recent commercials have poked fun at Apple for not having a foldable iPhone.

For now, Samsung will have such an opportunity, because the Cupertino-based company, judging by insiders plans to release a foldable iPad first.