What is New Arc Line? Ukrainian studio Dreamate talks about its RPG in the spirit of Arcanum and Dragon Age

The Kyiv studio Dreamate published a developers’ diary, in which for the first time it told the general public in detail about its ambitious game – New Arc Line.

This is a magical steampunk RPG in the spirit of the classic Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura and Dragon Age: Origins. In addition, the authors were inspired by games from such series as The Witcher and Divinity: Original Sin.

It is interesting that in the first prototypes the game even had an isometric camera and turn-based combat, now the world is explored with a third-person camera, and the battles are in real time with a controlled pause.

Both technical abilities and weapons, including electric, and several schools of magic will be available to the player. Well, we are waiting for a grandiose plot about a civil war between engineers and magicians.

New Arc Line looks very interesting and occupies one of the highest positions in the personal list of the most anticipated Ukrainian games of Mezha editorial staff.