Neal Agarwal, who has been creating absurd, funny and funny mini-sites for a long time, presented his new development – Asteroid Launcher. As the name suggests, this is a site that allows you to simulate an asteroid impact anywhere on Earth. Yes, pretty much the same as simulating a nuclear strike, but an asteroid.

The depth of the crater is calculated; the number of victims that will evaporate at the moment of impact; TNT equivalent; the frequency of similar meteor strikes on Earth; the volume of the sound that will occur during the collision; the number of shock wave victims; the distance from the epicenter at which the victims will receive damage to the lungs and eardrum; the distance of the destruction of high-rise buildings and rural houses; wind speed and number of victims from the reverse aerodynamic wave; the magnitude of the accompanying earthquake. Try it yourself, it’s very educational.

P.S. I think I know exactly where most Mezha readers will point their artificial asteroids.