5G is expanding: by the end of the year, the number of users of the new communication standard will reach 1 billion

More recently, the situation with 5G standard networks was such that it was possible to see the new indicator only in some areas of large cities, for example, in the USA. But operators are constantly increasing coverage areas, and users are changing their gadgets and tariff plans.

According to the company Erricson, by the end of this year the number of users of 5G networks will reach 1 billion. Of course, there are still significantly more LTE users, who are five times more, but Erricson specialists calculate that this is the peak of the previous standard, the part of which will begin to decrease as networks develop with the support of a successful successor.

For example, this year the number of 5G subscribers in North America will be 35%. In the US, 80% of users already have 5G mid-range coverage. But, as Erricson specialists draw attention, subscribers have to pay more for such tariffs. In Western European countries, the situation is similar, where tariffs are divided by speed. Overall, a quarter of operators are increasing tariffs with the new standard, with users paying an average of 40% more.