Fujitsu is testing a robot with 5G to monitor the health of servers in a data center

Japan’s Fujitsu will trial 5G local area network as the only connectivity option for a robot tasked with inspecting a data center and reporting any anomalies it finds, writes The Register.

From December 1, 2022 to March 17, 2023, the unnamed robot will roam the Yokohama data center at Fujitsu Research Institute Limited. The bot is equipped with a 4K camera that will transmit video and sound and, with the help of unspecified analytics, detect any anomalies in the servers.

Here it is worth mentioning that servers are almost always connected to various management programs that detect and report any anomalies much faster than it will be possible when using a robot. Therefore, it seems that everything comes down to the desire of the company to test the 5G network.

The company’s announcement of the test mentions that the 5G network the robot will join was built with a distributed antenna system designed to allow 5G to work in a server room with a low ceiling and lots of high barriers.

The network also extends to the power room of the data center, an environment with many high-voltage cables laid on the ceiling and corresponding electromagnetic radiation. Fujitsu will measure the performance of this network to test 5G performance in challenging data center environments.