The smartphone of the former Prime Minister of Great Britain Liz Truss was hacked, probably by Russian hackers

Liz Truss, the “fastest” Prime Minister of Great Britain, got into another scandal. It turned out that back in the summer when Truss held the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, her smartphone was hacked. Russian hackers are suspected. It is informed by AP News.

Russian spies are believed to have gained access to classified information, including discussions of the war in Ukraine with foreign officials, as well as private conversations between Liz Truss and her political ally, former Chief Secretary to the Treasury Kwasi Kwarteng.

The hack was found out that when Liz Truss ran for the position of leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister in the summer of 2022. Apparently, then Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Chief Executive of the Civil Service decided to keep this security breach a secret.

The speaker of the United Kingdom government refused to comment on the new security mechanisms that are being introduced after this incident. The opposition party demands an independent investigation of the hacking and leaking of information to the newspaper.

“It’s why cybersecurity has to be taken so seriously by everyone across governments, the role of hostile states,” says the spokesperson of Labor Party on law and order issues, Yvette Cooper. “But also the allegations about whether a cabinet minister has been using a personal phone for serious government business, and serious questions about why this information or this story has been leaked or briefed right now.”