NASA published a photo of the ‘smiling’ Sun

NASA’s Space Observatory of Solar Dynamics published on its Twitter a photo of the Sun, on the surface of which solar the winds created a pattern that looked like a smile.

Experts call the dark areas on the Sun coronal holes – areas with reduced temperature and plasma density. In them, the fast solar wind is directed from the surface of the star to space, their location in the photo is just a coincidence.

In fact, the sun’s “smiling” is a danger to Earth, reports Peta Pixel. The dark spots in the picture are the source of a powerful flow of the solar wind, so a geomagnetic storm may descend on Earth within a day.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory takes pictures of the Sun every 12 seconds at 10 different wavelengths of the ultraviolet spectrum. The data is then processed by computers at the Center for Space Weather Predictions, which determine the temperature, speed and density of solar particles.

Earlier NASA announced a team of scientists who will study unknown atmospheric phenomena.