Age of Mythology Retold has been announced – a reboot of the “legendary” Age of Empires spinoff

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Age of Empires franchise, Microsoft made some very interesting announcements — for example, that the series will be released on Xbox. Among other things, the company also announced Age of Mythology Retold — a reboot of the fantasy spinoff of the main series. Unlike Age of Empires, it is based on the myths and legends of ancient civilizations, rather than historical events (by the way, we have another anniversary here – the other day, the original Age of Mythology celebrates its 20th anniversary).

In his official blog Michael Mann, head of the World’s Edge studio (the internal developer of Xbox Game Studios, created specifically to work on the Age of Empires franchise) commented on the announcement: “Gods will return. Heroes will rise. Legends will battle. Age of Mythology Retold is in production! We know that the Age of Mythology community has been hopefully waiting for a Definitive Edition, and we’ll be delivering. We’re working hard to bring you the glory of the original game with updated graphics, features and more. Stay tuned for more news.”

PS: and another announcement dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the series is Age of Empires Mobile, a mobile version of the strategy. Nothing is known about it yet, there is only an announcing teaser trailer: