MAL’OPUS Publishing House is preparing Jason Schreier’s book Press Reset for publishing. The author plans to give part of the money to the victims of the war in Ukraine

The publishing house MAL’OPUS, known for its commitment to game topics, is preparing for publishing the second book of the well-known game journalist Jason Schreier (Wired, Kotaku, Bloomberg News) – Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry. Currently pre-order of the book is open. It will go on sale in January 2023.

In the book Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry, Jason Schreier takes another look behind the scenes of the game development industry and talks about not only the successes, as in his previous study Blood, Sweat, and Pixels (2017). This time it is also about the dark side of game dev – crunches, burnout, discouragement, dismissal, and closing of studios. But also about the games themselves, among which such recognized hits as Bioshock Infinite, Epic Mickey, and Dead Space are also there. An interesting work if you follow the world of video games.

It is interesting that Jason Schreier himself drew attention to the announcement of Press Reset pre-order.

“So stoked to see my latest book come out in Ukraine. I’ll be donating a chunk of the proceeds to support Ukrainian victims of the war,” the author wrote.

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