How to return File Explorer from Windows 10 to Windows 11

Not everyone likes the new File Explorer design in Windows 11 — and even the tab system that was introduced in Moment 1 update did not make them change their attitude towards the new File Explorer. They say, “before was better”. Well, there is good news for such users: turns out, in Windows 11 it is very easy to run the “old” File Explorer from Windows 10.

And for this, you do not need to edit the registry or install third-party utilities. The action algorithm is very simple: open the Run window with the Win+R combination and execute the control panel command. This launches the classic Control Panel — in it, click the arrow to the left of Control Panel in the address bar and select Home from the drop-down menu.

And that’s actually all — in this case, File Explorer opens in the old design instead of the Control Panel. Moreover, you can even keep running both versions of File Explorer at the same time — modern and “old”.