Developers are unhappy with gambling ads in the App Store. Apple heard them

Since October 25, the App Store has added more opportunities for advertising applications. That is, more slots for selling advertising appeared in stores. It would seem that what could go wrong? But this has resulted in the closest “recommendation” under a podcast app being a gambling app.

Of course, for many reasons, the developers did not like this situation, which they began to publicly report.

“Now my app’s product page shows gambling ads, which I’m really not OK with.

Apple shouldn’t be OK with it, either.

The App Store has corrupted such a great company so deeply. They make so much from gambling and manipulative IAPs that they don’t even see the problem anymore,” wrote Marco Arment, developer of Overcast.

“With Apple’s recent changes to ads on the App Store, your product pages may now show ads for gambling apps. One of my product pages just did that,” said Simon B. Støvring, developer of Runestone, Scriptable, Jayson, and Datajar.

As Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman previously told, Apple plans to increase advertising revenue to $10 billion a year in the future. That is why ads can appear even in the Apple Maps application.

Later, at the request of MacRumors, Apple commented on the situation with advertising in the App Store. The company responded that it is “suspending advertising related to gambling and several other categories on App Store product pages.”