Elon Musk says that Starlink will continue to work in Ukraine, even if the Pentagon does not want to pay for it

The operation of Starlink satellite Internet in Ukraine is not threatened, at least that is what Elon Musk promises in a new message on Twitter. Even earlier, the richest businessman in the world declared that will continue to fund Starlink for the government of Ukraine. This comes after CNN published a letter from SpaceX to the Pentagon in which claimed that the company can no longer provide satellite internet for free.

Mask’s controversial statements regarding Russian concessions and his threat to end Starlink funding for Ukraine, caused concern in the administration of US President Joe Biden. As it became known, the officials began discussions on whether it is necessary to check Musk’s latest actions for compliance with national security.

It seems that Musk is looking for a certain balance between his public statements about the need to make concessions to Russia for the sake of peace, and support for Ukraine, which is one of the priorities of US foreign policy. Musk clearly does not want to spoil relations with the government, which is confirmed by his latest statement.

“Even before the Ministry of Defense came with an answer, I told Mykhailo Fedorov that SpaceX would not turn off Starlink even if the Ministry of Defense refused to provide funding,” wrote Elon Musk.

The Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov himself decided to support Mask’s statement, writing in response :

“Thank you, Elon Musk. Before all the talks about funding, you confirmed to me that in any case you will ensure the work of Starlinks in Ukraine. It was critically important for Ukraine. We are grateful to you!”

Fedorov’s response appears to be in line with the Ukrainian government’s recent policy, in which officials publicly try to keep a low profile or not respond at all to Musk’s calls for concessions to the Kremlin, and to praise him when he shows support for Ukraine. Let’s hope that this approach will bear fruit.