The Star Wars star sent 500 drones to Ukraine

Luke Skywalker leads an army of drones to war. This could have been a synopsis for the next Star Wars installment, but it’s happening in real life.

An actor Mark Hamill, who played the Jedi character in George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy, which debuted in 1977, is a fundraising ambassador for the Drone Army project in Ukraine after receiving this offer from President Volodymyr Zelensky last month.

“Very simply, Ukraine needs drones. They define war outcomes, they protect their land, their people, they monitor the border, they’re eyes in the sky,” said Hamill. “I was really shocked because they give me these updates at least two or three times a week about what’s going on and they said they’ve received over 500 drones since I started this.”

After a Zoom call with Zelensky, Hamill began working with the official fund-raising body of the Ukrainian government United24, to equip the military of Ukraine with unmanned aerial vehicles. Celebrities including Liev Schreiber and Barbra Streisand have also supported United24, helping to raise funds for healthcare initiatives.

Earlier this month Hamill tweeted an image of the lone blue-and-yellow X-Wing his character Skywalker was flying against the Evil Empire’s fleet of Starfighters.