Chrome for Android tablets has received improved work with tabs

A large part of the work of tablets takes place in the browser. Of course, native Chrome is most often used on Android tablets. Therefore, on the eve of the release of Google’s own tablet, the browser received an update that should significantly improve work, first of all, with tabs.

The best improvement was the option to view tabs in Grid-view mode. It will allow you to see small versions of open pages and quickly navigate to which one you need to go to. This should be appreciated by those users who use many tabs at the same time.

Navigation was also completed between them. When there are too many tabs, again, switching between them can be inconvenient, and you can accidentally close a tab instead of switching to it. So you can switch to the next tab by swiping on the address bar, and the browser will automatically hide the “cross” if there are too many tabs for the screen width.

Tab groups can now be created as needed. This will help to divide them into several tasks and not get lost in several different searches or work tabs. Such an opportunity migrates from the desktop version of the browser, where it has long proven itself well. However, such functionality will appear a little later.

In the settings, it will be possible to set the display of desktop versions of sites by default. Previously, it was necessary to switch to such pages separately for each page, but now such a standard can be set for all pages.

Also now has Drag and Drop for text and images. For greater convenience of transferring information from the browser to other applications (Gmail, Photos, Keep…), just drag the desired content into the adjacent window.

Such updates will also be available to users of foldable smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.