NetBlocks: as a result of missile attacks, the number of Internet users in Ukraine fell by 17%

According to the data from the NetBlocks service, during massive missile attack on Ukrainian cities and infrastructure facilities the number of Internet users in Ukraine temporarily dropped to 83% of the usual figures. This is primarily due to power outages in some areas.

The situation in individual regions indicates that the following regions are suffering from network damage the most: Sumy region (12 % of the usual number of users); Kharkiv (20%), Lviv (38%), Khmelnytskyi (32%), Poltava (41%), Zhytomyr (49%) and Ternopil (54%) regions. On the other hand, the same graph shows that the energy supply is already being restored.

NetBlocks has a huge report which examines all the problems with Internet access in Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

We will eventually restore electricity, but Russia will still cease to exist in its current form.