Google Gboard Bar — a strange concept of a “one-line” keyboard

The format of computer keyboards remains almost unchanged since the creation of the first models – mainly this concerns the layout of the keys, which they “inherited” from typewriters. However, enthusiasts do not stop trying to improve their ergonomics. Sometimes this leads to the appearance of strange, but promising results. And sometimes – to simply strange. Like, for example, Google Gboard Bar.

Employees of the Japanese division of Google presented their own vision of the “alternative keyboard” (and for some reason named it after the virtual keyboard which is an application for Android and iOS). This is a 165 cm long “stick”, on which all the traditional keys are located in one row. Of course, Google does not plan to produce it, but on GitHub you can find all the necessary documentation to create your own Gboard Bar.

Gboard Bar looks like a typical April Fool’s joke, and it was clearly intended as such (which, among other things, is also indicated by the description of the concept on the above GitHub page). The authors of the project assure that Gboard Bar is actually very convenient and even offer different options for its use.

According to them, such a keyboard “saves time” in searching for the desired key: instead of having to search for it “in two dimensions”, the user only needs to look left and right, and besides, it is very easy to remember the location of the symbols: “for example, the letter S is 23 cm from the left edge”, or “the 16th character from the left is a G”. In addition, the developers assure that it is convenient for two people to work on such a keyboard, and the thin body allows you to use it even on a completely cluttered table.

Google Gboard Bar seems to be a joke, in the creation of which the authors went too far, and the strangest thing about it, perhaps, is that this keyboard actually exists and can be used not only to measure the height of your children, but also for its intended purpose – to work on the computer.