The Spark mail client from Ukrainian developers has received a significant update and a version for Windows

Readdle, with offices in Odesa and Kyiv, has released a major update for its popular e-mail client Spark. The program received an updated interface and new features.

“People and apps will constantly distract us unless we proactively limit them. To do any meaningful work, we need periods of sustained focus. Focused solutions require more effort, but lead to better results. A new approach to productivity and e-mail is needed,” the developers say.

Spark has gotten a revamped smart inbox that shows emails from real people at the top, while newsletters and notifications are grouped below. The mail client also allows you to connect multiple email accounts and manage them in a single mailbox.

To ensure you don’t miss emails from important senders, you can mark them as Priority in Spark. Such letters remain at the top of the mailbox, highlighted for quick identification.

At the heart of the updated Spark is the concept of working with emails as tasks, so you can mark them as done when you’ve finished. The program deletes “done” emails and even gives a reward for reaching the zero level of the mailbox. Emails in Spark can also be snoozed for a more convenient time to read and reply to later.

In the updated mail client, the developers from Readdle have for the first time added a new way to manage mail, called Command Center. This is a panel with search and various actions that help speed up work with mail.

In addition, the app has a Home Screen that developers say helps reduce the number of times a user opens email throughout the day and encourages better email habits.

The updated Spark also has the ability to send attachments larger than 25MB directly through your email client. The recipient will receive a link to downloading the file.

Finally, Spark is also available to Windows users, so the app can now be installed on all popular platforms, including Android, iOS and macOS.

However, the developers note that for now the experience on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows may differ. In particular, the previous version of Spark for Mac is still available in the Mac App Store and can be used simultaneously with the new one.

Most of Spark’s features are free for all users, but for those who need all the features, including Priority mail, grouping by sender, and teamwork options, Readdle offers a premium subscription. A full list of its features can be viewed here.

Its cost is: for new individual users $4.99 per month with an annual subscription ($59.99) or $7.99 per month with a monthly subscription. Spark for teams costs $9.99 per user per month or $83.88 per user per year.