Dead Space remake: official gameplay trailer

The new Dead Space, a remake of the cult survival horror of 2008, is eagerly awaited by all fans of the original game: all the available information and the first published screenshots convince that it will be an authentic remake that will preserve the atmosphere and style of the original. And now the developer has released the first gameplay trailer – and it seems to confirm all previous expectations.

The plot of the new Dead Space repeats the first part of the series: events will take place in the 26th century on the Ishimura spaceship, and the main character, technician Isaac Clarke, will fight against a horde of necromorphs and try to find out what happened to the ship.

The game is created “from scratch”, on the Frostbite engine, by the Canadian studio Motive Studio, owned by Electronic Arts. The developer, in addition, to completely new graphics, promises additional plot elements that better reveal the story of “Ishimura” and a new system of “structure” of necromorphs – the Peeling System (monsters will have multi-layered flesh, tendons and bones – and all this can be twisted, torn and broken).

Dead Space Remake is released on January 27, 2023, the game has a page on Steam, where it can already be pre-ordered (the basic version costs UAH 1,499).

PS: YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits has already created a video in which you can compare the graphics of the original with what the developers showed us in the Dead Space (2023) gameplay trailer.