PlayStation 5 was jailbroken

As reported, hackers managed to “hack” the PlayStation 5: gain access to debug options and even install their own packages.

So, Twitter user Lance McDonald published a video in which he demonstrates the PlayStation 5 after “jailbreaking”, with access to new features, and installs the famous Silent Hills P.T Demo (which was removed from the PlayStation Store several years ago).

At the same time, it does not show the launch of the demo, only its installation – so we can assume that, at least for now, the hacked PS5 is not able to run third-party software. It is known that the hack uses a Webkit vulnerability and can be installed on any version of PlayStation 5 with firmware 4.03 (on older firmware the hack can still work after additional settings, on newer – no, because this Webkit vulnerability is no longer present in them).

Of course, hackers say that hacking a console is necessary to install their own software, emulators of old consoles, or unofficial patches for commercial games – but everyone understands that the main goal is to run pirated games. I wonder how Sony will react to this news.