Gothic 2D-soulslike Moonscars from Ukrainian-Moldovan developers is out

Dark Gothic 2D-action/platformer in the spirit of Dark Souls from the Ukrainian-Moldovan team Black Mermaid has reached the release. The game is now available on all platforms.

On PC, Moonscars is out on Steam and on the platform Humble Games, which is the publisher of the project. Additionally, the game is available on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. It seems that this is one of the first Ukrainian (albeit partially) releases that were released at once on all major platforms.

We will remind you that Moonscars is gloomy clay transhumanism about the rebellion of creation against its creator. The heroine of the game, Grey Irma, is looking for the mad genius Sculptor because only he can reveal the secret of her existence. On the way to the goal, Irma will form many clay replicas of herself, each with its own characteristics. But only one of Irma is destined to achieve the goal.

In terms of gameplay, Moonscars is a hardcore slasher with elements of Metroidvania, with a focus on the combat system, not on platforming.

The game was created by three people: game designer and screenwriter Andriy Moroz (Kyiv, Ukraine), programmer Oleksandr Romanchuk (Chișinău, Moldova), and artist Stefan Semyonov (Chișinău, Moldova).