iFixit disassembled the Apple Watch Ultra

iFixit received the new Apple Watch Ultra and, as usual, published a video in which they disassembled the smartwatch piece by piece to evaluate its repairability. The whole process isn’t so much an overview of the Ultra’s features as it is a detailed study of the technology and engineering that goes into the construction of an Apple watch.

With all that said, iFixit found some weak spots in the Apple Watch Ultra, not only in terms of its repairability, but also in terms of durability. The raised bezel around the Ultra’s screen, which is designed to protect it, only works against side impacts. As the video shows, any head-on collision with the display still risks the need to replace it. And to get to the battery, you need to remove the watch display, not the back panel, as in most models, which is quite difficult to do without damaging the OLED matrix.